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Having a functional and simple website navigation is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of web design. This is mainly because anyone who visits a particular website always looks forward to going through the website in a simple manner. A website that has a complicated navigation system usually irritates the visitors and such visitors are not likely to visit that particular website again. This makes it paramount to always have a proper navigation system which will allow the visitors to access the information they are looking for in a convenient manner. Here are some of the most important aspects which should be considered to make web navigation friendly and efficient.

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Proper Planning

The navigation system used in any particular website should be properly planned. This means that the information contained in the website should be arranged according to hierarchy. The most useful information which is more likely to be used by more people should be on top. There should be a clear website main menu which acts as a site map, like the one on The menu is the one that directs the users to the particular sections of the website that they are looking for. The format of the menu does not necessary matter but the positioning is important. With a proper plan the menu should be on top of the website and should also be in unique colors so that the visitors can locate it easily. The menu can be in form of a spread sheet, diagrams or even as a list of the content contained in the website.

Linking the Logo to the Home Page

Proper website navigation system should allow users to go to the home page whenever they want. This is paramount especially for the websites that have a lot of pages which might take time going back one page at a time. Most websites usually place the logos on the top of the websites so that they can be more visible. These logos should have the option of going back to the home page to make sure the visitors do not strain going back to the primary source of information which is usually the home page.

Using Sticky Navigation

While planning the navigation system of a particular website it is also important to use a sticky menu. This type of menu usually contains icons which do not go away even while the visitors are scrolling. The sticky menu mainly contains links to various sources of information and ways for the visitors to interact with the website. The sticky menu usually plays an important role for it encourages visitors to learn more about the website. The fact that the sticky menu consistently remains on the screen encourages visitors to want to know what it contains. But it is always paramount to design the sticky menu in the right manner and position it properly, because at times it can cause distractions.

Using Fat Footers

Most websites usually reserve the very bottom space for privacy and legal links. But while designing an efficient website navigation system this space can be used to display things such as email sign up fields, social links and address details. This particular space can also contain a repeat of the main menu contained in the top of the website. This allows the visitors to go to the specific locations of the website that they need in a more convenient manner. A visitor will not have to scroll all the way to the top of the page to get to the main menu so as to go to a certain section. Consequently, the visitors will have an easier time finding the information and things they need from the website.

Using Friendly Language

The language used also plays an important role in determining how efficient the navigation is. This is because there are words which can confuse the visitors especially the words with multiple meanings. In the currents days where there is so much completion some people might think that using exotic language might make their websites unique. But this kind of language can make navigation more complicated for the visitors will not be able to understand some of the words clearly. A good example is using the word –marketplace- which can be understood in different ways. The visitors will have to click on the icon under the word so that they can know what it actually means. It is advisable to just use the common words which will be easily understood by everyone who visits the website. If one wants to add special words one can use elements such as pop ups and notifications. Therefore, by applying the outlined aspects one can effectively make website navigation simpler and friendlier.

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