Top 10 Most Crucial Web Design Elements

While every designer may have a different style when building a website, they do have common elements. As a business owner, your website is one of the most important tools that you should have to get better and more clients. But what differentiates a good website from a bad one? From great images and plenty of white space to clear call for actions and search functionalities, there are certain things that every website should have. Here are the top 10 web design elements that you should prioritize in your website.

1. Space

web design elements - space

Since space dictates everything, it’s very important when it comes to web design. Nowadays, designers are using space in ways that were not there before. Site designs should include increased spacing, vast spaces, and overall use of open space. Space is also very important in creating a focal point for the visitor. A piece of text or an image surrounded by white space will seem larger and more important as compared to others. You can start with elements such as navigation tools and organize them such that you include spacing between them.

2. Navigation

You should design your website in such a way that it’s easy to navigate and the menu items are easy to access. The visitor should always know where to find what he is looking for. If you can use a sitemap, the better. While this seems elementary you can greatly improve your site through this.

3. About us page

As a business owner, you need to tell users about your business and also outline your goals and philosophies. This can be the best place for user and customer testimonials. The only problem with about us is that they can be wordy, long, and boring. You, therefore, need to keep them as simple as possible and only give out the information that will interest the users.

4. Responsive

You also need to ensure that your website design is responsive enough. Your website should have the same appearance when it’s opened on mobile. It should not have any changes whether you open it on PC or on mobile. This simply means that it should respond well regardless of the device that you are using.

5. Visual design

As humans, we are visually oriented creatures. You, therefore, need to use great graphics that can make your website appealing and great. Remember, you always have less than one second to impress your visitor or user and let them understand that your website is professional and trustworthy. Animation, scrolling text, and flash intros should be used sparingly and only to emphasize a point to improve the effect.

6. Contact information

The key to having a good website design is to ensure that the contact information is highly visible. Having a contact information such as physical address, phone number, and form to contact the owner adds legitimacy to both your business and website. It can be frustrating when users are looking for information that they can’t find.

7. Layouts

A layout is a very important element in web design. Sometimes we tend to write content in an informal way that may look bad and give your website bad impression. It’s, therefore, important to arrange your content in a perfect format so that it can look better and give the best impression on users. A perfect layout will not only attract users but will also lead to more business.

8. Interaction

A good web design should be able to immediately engage users and hold their attention on every page. It should also attract them to contact you, Remember, the ultimate goal of any website is conversion. However, the interaction should not be done in such a way that you end up annoying your visitors.

9. Search option

web design elements - search

How many times have you wished to find something or older information on your website? This is where the search tool comes in. This tool is usually very important, especially for repeat users. You need to design the search box in such a way that it’s easy to use. Also, ensure that it’s big enough to type what you need to search. If you are using an icon there is no point of coming up with something new.

10. Colors

You also need to opt for balanced colors for your website. This will not only attract users but will also make them stay. By using bright colors your visitor’s will bounce back and your CTR will improve.


While there are still some other important web design elements including these elements can make a huge difference. Just take your time and design them in the best way. By doing this, you will attract and retain your customers, boosting your business. If you need help with the elements of web design, consult with G Squared Studios, the top web experts in Knoxville.

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